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Every Dig Counts!

We Support April as National Safe Digging Month in our Great Nation! Always Call 811 Before You Dig. You need to know where your public utility lines are located underground before you start digging for any project. This is life saving and minimizes any unnecessary damages. Pelican Fence LLC always calls in for all public utility lines to be located on the property where we are digging before we start our fence installations. When you choose us for your fence, you can rest assure we have taken all the safety precautions before we start installing your new fence. But locating public utilities is not just for Contractors, it's for Everyone who is doing any kind of digging. Anyone can call Sunshine 811 here in Florida before they dig and it's Free! When you are outside doing projects on your properties, make sure you dial 811 first. This goes for simple outdoor projects like planting landscaping, installing a mailbox or anytime you place a shovel in the ground. Your Safety Comes First!

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